Together with some peers from the ‘Master Class’ of the Arnamagnæan Summer School in Manuscript Studies of 2012, I have been working on an electronic edition of a little-known post-reformation icelandic saga, sagan af pólenstator ok möndulþvara. An electronic edition of the saga according to one manuscript, ÍBR 41 8vo (19th ct.), is now available online, together with an introduction and some background information.

Note that this is still work in progress and far from perfect. I should also hasten to add that it is not a critical edition, as we decided to concentrate on a single manuscript. As regards the story, be warned that it is simplistic, overblown and overall rather ridiculous. Despite all that, we are still proud to present the first and so-far only available edition of sagan af pólenstator ok möndulþvara.