here are some of my all-time favorite games:

LUNA The Shadow Dust (2020) – explore a mysterious tower in this hand-drawn 2d adventure

GRIS (2018) – a stunningly beautiful puzzle-platformer

hob (2017) – an rpg adventure in a wonderful, lovingly crafted, ever-transforming world. the game has similarities to zelda: ocarina of time

the end is nigh (2017) – a nail-bitingly hard, stylish 2d platformer in which you are going to die a lot

thimbleweed park (2017) – a pixely retro point&click adventure in the style of the lucasarts classics where you solve a murder

gorogoa (2017) – a puzzle game that looks like a story-book

satellite reign (2015) – a spiritual successor to bullfrog’s classic syndicate wars with some additional rpg elements

the binding of isaac: rebirth (2014) – it’s the nightmare-version of the legend of zelda

j.u.l.i.a. among the stars (2014) – a puzzle-adventure in a near-future science fiction scenario where you explore an unknown solar system

broken age (2014) – a 2d point&click adventure game where you switch between two teenage characters

machinarium (2009) – a 2d point&click adventure game with a cute robot

world of goo (2008) – a puzzle game involving colorful balls of goo

beyond good & evil (2003) – a science-fiction action adventure game where you play a photojournalist on a foreign planet

classic point&click adventure games:

the secret of monkey island (1990) & monkey island 2: lechuck’s revenge (1991)

indiana jones and the last crusade (1989) & indiana jones and the fate of atlantis (1992)

day of the tentacle (1993)

the dagger of amon ra (1992)

conquests of the longbow (1991)

and of course i recommend these other all-time classics:

diablo (1996) & diablo 2 (2000)

half-life (1998) & half-life 2 (2004) & black mesa (2020)

bioshock: infinite (2013)