This is an electronic edition in progress of a little-known post-reformation Icelandic saga, called Sagan af Pólenstator ok Möndulþvara. The story follows Pólenstator, prince of Poland, on his struggle against Möndulþvari, the king of France, and his romance with Möndulþvari's daughter. The edition has been prepared by the Master Class of the Arnamagnæan Summer School in Manuscript Studies 2012. The edition gives the text as it is transmitted in the manuscript ÍBR 41 8vo (19th ct.). We provide the edition in two versions: A diplomatic version which follows the manuscript rather closely, and a (slightly) normalized version. Besides the edition, we provide some background information about the story origins, the scribes and the manuscripts.

Technical information

We use a TEI-conform XML-encoding for the electronic edition. The text is richly annotated so that it can be displayed in various degrees of normalization. Both the diplomatic and the normalized version seen on this webpage are pulled from the same XML-document, with different CSS-styling. In order to publish the edition on the internet, we use XSLT to transform the XML into HTML documents. The XSL stylesheet in use is a modified version of a similar style sheet provided by MENOTA.


The Master Class of 2012 is: Maja Bäckvall (Uppsala universitet), Edward Carlsson Browne (University of Aberdeen), Stefan Drechsler (Universität Kiel), Eva María Jónsdóttir (Háskóli Íslands), Reynhildur Karlsdóttir (Háskóli Íslands), Magdalena Therese Poimer (Universität Wien), John Shafer (Durham University/University of Hull), Joanne Shortt Butler (University of Cambridge), Luzius Thöny (Universität Zürich).

We have been instructed and advised by Matthew J. Driscoll, Tereza Lansing and Sjöfn Kristjánsdóttir.