swiss german ‘idiotikon’ available online

news just reached me that the swiss german ‘idiotikon’ – by far the most extensive lexical ressource of the swiss german dialects – has been made available online. it has already been possible for a while to search the index online, but the search function only returned a pointer to the volume/page of the printed ‘idiotikon’, so that you still had to go to the library to read the article. but now, the results are actually links to scanned pages of the printed work, which are displayed directly in your browser. it’s even possible to move forward/backward from the current page, making it easy to browse the surrounding articles. it seems that the complete work is now accessible online, except the parts which haven’t been edited yet (parts of vol. 16 and vol. 17).

so if you’ve ever wondered what the word Glungge means, whether or not it’s charming to be called a Tubel, or why the word for ‘broom’ features an –m– in some swiss dialects (e.g. Bäsme), you can now easily look it up online.

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  1. Still I prefer a dictionary, a paper one..

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