Does anyone know what happened to the Etymological Dictionary of Old English by Alfred Bammesberger? Bammesberger talks about this as a project he’s working on in the preface of some of his publications (e.g. Aufbau des germanischen Verbalsystems, Heidelberg 1986), but I don’t think he ever finished it. I’ve found only two publications related to this: One [1] seems to be a sort of preliminary study (or rather an addenda/corrigenda to Holthausen [2]?), the other is a speech of his that was published in 1983 about the dictionary [3]. So can anyone tell me whether he has given up on it (he’s an emeritus by now) or whether someone is still working on it? Were any of the results ever published?

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[2] Holthausen, Ferdinand: Altenglisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. Heidelberg 1963.
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